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Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Product ID: ADS7102CA, ADS7022C

The digital storage oscilloscope is unlike any other electronic consumer product, as intended clients of digital storage oscilloscopes are professional electronic engineers. Therefore, ultra stability and top performance are much more important than an attractive interface. Many years of experience make the design of the ADS7000 series attuned to the most tactual and original needs of users. At the roots of its design, the ADS7000 series digital storage oscilloscopes combine mature and steady hardware configuration, high-powered digital signal processing technology and functionality concepts with a mainstream display interface and the operation panel. In our design we did not attempt to match the specifications and usability of other comparable products currently on the market, but rather to exceed them in every respect, often outperforming same level products internationally. The ADS7000 series, with its intuitive logical and convenient user interface and attractive price is very affordable and well received by customers worldwide.
The ADS7000 series product matrix is comprehensive and is designed to satisfy all customers' needs regardless of the application.

  • Model / Index: The common specification of all ADS7000 series products.
  • Channels: 2.
  • Vertical sensitivity: 2mV ~ 5V / div (1-2-5 sequence).
  • Vertical resolution: 8 bit.
  • Equivalent sampling rate: The highest sampling of each channels is 50GSa/s.
  • Memory depth: Each channel: at least 4k/CH.
  • Waveform capture rate: The highest capture rate exceed 1,000 times/sec.
  • Save / recall: Provide two groups ref waveforms, ten groups ordinary waveforms and ten groups setup save / recall function.
  • Display model: Main, window, window zoom, roll, X-Y.
  • Trigger types: Edge, plus width, video.
  • Trigger modes: Auto, normal, single.
  • Math operation
    • +, -, *, /, invert.
    • FFT
      • Window: Hanning, hamming, blackman, rectangular.
      • Sampling points: 1,024 points.
  • Auto voltage measure tapes: Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vavg, Vrms.
  • Auto time measure types: Rise time, fall time, frequency, period, positive width, negative width.
  • Sample types: Real time, equivalent time.
  • Averages: 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256.
  • Display language: Manifold languages.
  • XY mode:
    • Phase error: ±3 degrees.
    • Support the sampling rate: 5KSa/s - 200MS/as (in a 1-2-5 sequence).
  • Input voltage: 100 - 240VAC, 47Hz, - 440Hz, 50VA Max.
  • Size and weight: 300mm x 150mm x 290mm, about 4.6kg.
  • Accessories: (1:1, 10:1) probe x 2, USB interface, power cord, KIT SET, user manual.
  • Options
    • GPIB communication module, pass / fail interface module, easy scope computer software system.
    • USB host: Support flash drive storage and drive printer (ADS7000+).
    • USB device: Support PC remote control.
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ADS7000 Series types Color (VGA Display) Color (VGA Display) Monochrome Display Monochrome Display
Real time sampling / Bandwidth 1GSa / s 250MSa / s 1GSa / s 250MSa / s
200MHz ADS7202CA ADS7202C ADS7202SA ADS7202S
150MHz ADS7152CA ADS7152C ADS7152SA ADS7152S
100MHz ADS7102CA ADS7102C ADS7102SA ADS7102S
60MHz ADS7062CA ADS7062C ADS7062SA ADS7062S
40MHz -- ADS7042C -- ADS7042S
25MHz -- ADS7022C -- ADS7022S
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Simon Yang
Address:No. 17, Alley 53, Lane 22, Wun-Teh Rd., Nei-Hu Taipei, 114 Taiwan