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CRT Readout Oscilloscope

CRT Readout Oscilloscope

Product ID: MOS-626 (20MHz)

Cursor measurement system:
Cursor measurement function: ΔT, 1 / ΔT, ΔV. P (t, V) cursor readout function.
Cursor resolution: 1/25 DIV.
Effective cursor range: Vertical ±3DIV; Horizontal: ±4DIV.
Panel setting: Vertical: V / DIV, AC / DC / GND, CH1, CH2, INV, ALT, CHOP, ADD.
Horizontal: TIME / DIV, x 10MAG.
Trigger: Source, slope, auto, norm, TV-V / TV-H.
Others: Probe (x 1 / x 10), X-Y.

  • Vertical axis
    • Sensitivity: 5mV ~ 20V / DIV, 12 steps in 1-2-5 sequence (x 5 MAG: 1mV / DIV).
    • Sensitivity accuracy: ≤ 3% (x 5 MAG ≤ 5%).
    • Vernier vertical sensitivity: Continuously variable to 1-2.5 or less of panel-indicated value.
    • Rise time: Approx. 17.5nS (x 5 MAG: Approx. 50nS).
    • Input impedance: Approx. 1MΩ / Approx. 25pF.
    • Square wave characteristics: Overshoot: ≤ 5% (at 10m V / DIV range); Other distortions and other ranges: 5% added to the above value.
    • DC balance shift: 5mV ~ 5V / DIV; ±0.5DIV, 1mV ~ 2mV / DIV ±2.0DIV.
    • Linearity: ≤ ±0.1DIV of amplitude change when waveform of 2DIV at graticule center is moved vertically.
    • Vertically modes: CH1:CH2 single channel.
    • DUAL: CH1 and CH2 are displayed simultaneously.
    • ALT or CHOP selectable at any sweep rate.
    • ADD: CH1 + CH2 algebraic addition.
    • Chopping repetition frequency: Approx. 250KHz.
    • Input coupling: AC, GND, DC.
    • Maximum input voltage: 300Vpeak (AC: frequency 1KHZ or lower); When set probe switch at 1:1, the maximum effective readout is 160Vpp (56Vrms at sine wave), or set probe switch at 10:1, the maximum effective readout is 1,600Vpp (560Vrms at sine wave).
    • Common mode rejection ratio: 50:1 or better at 50KHz sinusoidal wave. (When sensitivities of CH1 and CH2 are set equally).
    • Isolation between channels (at 5mV / DIV range): > 1000:1 at 50KHz; > 30:1 at 20MHz / > 30:1 at 40MHz.
    • CH1 signal output: At least 20mV / DIV into a 50Ω termination. Bandwidth is 50Hz to at least 5MHz.
    • CH2 INV BAL: Balanced point variation: ≤ 1DIV (reference at center graticule).
  • Triggering
    • Triggering source: CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT.
    • Coupling: AC: 20Hz to full bandwidth.
    • Slope: + / -.
    • Sensitivity: 20Hz ~ 2MHz:0.5DIV, TRIGALT: 2DIV, EXT: 200mV:2 ~ 2Mhz:1.5DIV, TRIGALT: 3DIV, EXT: 800mV; TV: Sync pulse more than 1DIV (EXT: 1V).
    • Triggering modes: Auto; Norm; TV-V; TV-H; (Both TV-V and TV-H synchronize only when the synchronizing signal is negative).
    • EXT triggering signal input:
      • Input impedance: Approx. 1MΩ / approx. 25p.
      • Max. input voltage: 300V (DC + AC peak), AC: Frequency not higher than 1KHz.
  • Horizontal axis
    • Frequency bandwidth: DC ~ 20MHZ (x 5 MAG: DC ~ 7MHz) AC coupling: Low limit frequency 10Hz. (With reference to 100KHz, 8DIV, frequency response with -3dB.)
    • Sweep time: 0.2μsec ~ 0.5sec / DIV, 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence;.
    • Sweep time accuracy: ±3%.
    • Vernier sweep time control: ≤1 / 2.5 of panel - indicated value.
    • Sweep magnification: 10 times.
    • x 10MAG sweep time accuracy: ±5% (20nsec ~ 50nsec are uncalibrated).
    • Linearity: ±3%, x 10MAG: ±5% (20nsec ~ 50nsec are uncalibrated).
    • Position shift caused by x 10MAG: Within 2DIV. at CRT screen center.
  • X-Y mode:
    • Sensitivity: Same as vertical axis. (X-axis: CH1 input signal; Y-axis: CH2 input signal.)
    • Frequency bandwidth: DC to at least 500KHz.
    • X-Y phase difference: ≤ 3° at DC ~ 50KHz.
  • Z axis
    • Sensitivity: 5Vp-p (Positive-going signal: decreases intensity).
    • Frequency bandwidth: DC ~ 2MHz.
    • Input Impedance: Approx. 47kΩ.
    • Maximum input voltage: 30V (DC + AC peak, AC frequency ≤ 1KHz).
  • Calibration voltage
    • Waveform: Positive-going square wave.
    • Frequency: Approx. 1KHz.
    • Duty ratio: Within 48:52.
    • Output voltage: 2Vp-p ±2%.
    • Output impedance: Approx. 1kΩ.
  • CRT
    • Type: 6-inch rectangular type, internal graticule.
    • Phosphor: P31.
    • Acceleration voltage: Approx. 2KV.
    • Effective screen size: 8 x 10DIV (1DIV = 10mm (0.39in)).
    • Graticule: Internal.
    • Trace rotation: Provided.
  • 20MHz / 40MHz dual channels.
  • High sensitivity 1mV / DIV.
  • CH1 output.
  • Z axis input.
  • ALT triggering function, two independent signals simultaneous.
  • Triggering level lock function, automatic synchronize function.
  • Cursor readout function, measure ΔV, ΔT,1 / ΔT.
  • High luminance, internal graticule CRT.
  • Pulse encorder switch.
  • Adjustable cursor function, easy to operate.
  • Cursor measurement function, aids to object measurement.
  • Visible coordinate sensitivity to 10V ~ 20V / DIV.
  • Model F has built-in 6 digit frequency counter.
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Model Number MOS - 626
Frequency Range 20MHz
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Simon Yang
Address:No. 17, Alley 53, Lane 22, Wun-Teh Rd., Nei-Hu Taipei, 114 Taiwan