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Universal Counter

Universal Counter

Universal Counter

Product ID: TFC-3000 1Hz~3000MHz

TFC-3000 is a digital universal frequency counter which can measure input frequency from 1Hz to 3,000MHz. As high speed processor built in, it can have a detailed resolution to 100μ Hertz when frequency is above 1Hz input. High stable TCXO is used in TFC-3000, so accurate frequency measurement can be obtained even units work for a long period. Additional function includes pulse totalizing, input signal period measuring are also built in unit.

  • Display: 8 digits LED display.

  • Frequency unit: Red led for Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz indication.

  • Period unit: Red led for mS, μS, nS indicator.

  • Frequency range: 1Hz - 3,000MHz.

  • Pulse totalizing signal timing measurement: 1 - 999999999.

  • Gate time: 0.01s, 0.1 sec, 1 sec, 10 seconds.

  • Accuracy: 1 ± error of time base.

  • Stability: < 5ppm (0 - 50°C).

  • Resolution: 1µHz (10-6Hz) - 100Hz.

  • Internal clock frequency: 20MHz (TCXO).

  • Frequency range:

    • (A) 1Hz - 20MHz.

    • (B) 100KHz - 120MHz.

    • (C) 80MHz - 3,000MHz.

  • Sensitivity:

    • (A) 50mVrms.

    • (B) 25mVrms.

    • (C) 50mVrms.

    • (D) 1,000mVrms for 2.7GHz - 3GHz (TFC-3000 only).

  • Maximum input level:

    • (A), (B) 250V p-p.

    • (C) 5Vp-p.

  • Power consumption: AC 110V / 220V ±10% 15 watt.

  • Fuse rating:

    • 0.5A for 110 ~ 120V operation.

    • 0.25A for 198 ~ 242V operation.

  • Weight: App. 2.2kgs.

Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Simon Yang
Address:No. 17, Alley 53, Lane 22, Wun-Teh Rd., Nei-Hu Taipei, 114 Taiwan